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CONGRATULATIONS! the winners of the two Glasurit merchandise packs are:

* Garry Stockton and;
* Beau Pryor

Keep watching the Facebook page for future promotions.

*Terms and conditions apply

Terms and conditions
Promoter and organiser
The promoter and organiser of the prize draw is BASF Australia Ltd ABN 62008437867 of 231-233 Newton Road, Wetherill Park NSW 2164 (“Promoter”).
Email: kirsten.dodd@basf.com
Disclaimer: This prize draw is not associated with Facebook Inc. or companies related to Facebook Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Facebook”) and is not in any way sponsored, endorsed or organised by Facebook. The recipient of information supplied by entrants is not Facebook but the Promoter. The point of contact for prize draws hosted by the Promoter is the Promoter and not Facebook.

The prize draw is hosted by the Promoter for a limited period of time during the Promotion Period.

Participation in the prize draw is exclusively in accordance with the terms and conditions given here and any additional terms and conditions given on the prize draw page.

Terms and conditions of entry
Eligibility: All natural persons who are aged 18 or over at the time of entering the draw and are members of Facebook are eligible to enter the prize draw.

To take part in the prize draw, entrants must visit the competition post on www.facebook.com/ GLASURIT® Australia during the Promotion Period to:

• comment on the post within the time limit specified in the post.

Comments that are not relevant to the question asked will be excluded from the draw.

Each entrant acknowledges that by submitting an entry, the entrant agrees, at the Promoter’s request, to participate in all promotional activity (such as publicity and photography), free of charge, and the entrant consents to the Promoter using their name, image and the photograph submitted in any promotional material with no limit as to time.

Exclusions: Employees of the Promoter and Promoter’s related companies are not eligible to take part. Prize draw clubs, automatic entries via prize draw robots and deliberate wrong entries and similar are not allowed.
Entries in the competition and inclusion in the prize draw will only be valid once. Entries are limited to one per person.
Entrants who violate these terms and conditions will be excluded from the prize draw without reasons being given and without separate notification.

Selecting and notification of winners / prize
Prize: There are 2 Glasurit® merchandise packs valued at over $80 each to be won during the Promotion Period. Prizes are not redeemable in cash. Merchandise is available in limited size options. There is no entitlement to receive a substitute prize.

Draw: The prize draw takes place immediately at 4 pm on Friday 20th July 2018 during the Promotion Period unless otherwise set forth in the post.
The Promotion Period of the prize draw is given in the relevant Facebook Timeline post. The time of day specified in the post is Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). All replies received after the Promotion Period will be disqualified from the prize draw. The display in the comments area of the Facebook Timeline applies.

The prize winner will be chosen at random from among the entrants who provided, within the time limit specified in the post an accurate, complete and comprehensible answer to the question asked in the specific post.
Any posts – answers or comments – that break Facebook rules and/or Australian laws, in particular competition law, trademark or copyright, are not allowed and will be removed by the Promoter without prior announcement and without specifying reasons. The participant is then ineligible to win a prize. If any third parties take action against the Promoter due to infringement of the foregoing stipulation, the entrant shall hold the Promoter harmless from such claims and from any associated costs.

Winners will be notified via the Facebook comments feature of the Facebook post and in a personal message via the Facebook messaging tool. Winners must communicate their postal address within ten (10) working days after dispatch of the personal mail via personal mail to the Promoter’s official Facebook page; the Promoter will send the prize to the address specified by the winner. If the winner does not claim the prize within this time limit, prize entitlement will be withdrawn for that person and a re-draw will take place with the participation of all the original entrants.

A description of the type of prize is given in the Promoter’s post.
No liability
The Promoter reserves the right to early termination or suspension of the prize draw at any time without giving any reason. In the event of temporary interruption of the prize draw, the time-limit will be extended by the duration of the interruption. In the event of early discontinuation or suspension and in the event of reduced accessibility to the prize draw, the entrant has no entitlements against the Promoter.

Protection of data privacy
The personal data (last name, first name, postal address) and Facebook name of entrants will be digitally processed and stored for the purposes of carrying out the prize draw. The personal data collected in connection with the prize draw will be used to determine the winners. By signing up for the prize draw, entrants agree to the processing and utilisation of the above-mentioned personal data for the stated purposes. Entrants have the liberty at any time to withdraw this consent and hence withdraw their entry by emailing their withdrawal to kirsten.dodd@basf.com. The Promoter shall not disclose entrants’ personal data to third parties, in particular not to commercial address databases. The Promoter shall delete the personal data stored for the purpose after the prize draw is over.

By entering, entrants explicitly consent to the publication of their name on the Promoter’s Facebook page in the event of a win. In addition, entrants consent to the publication of their first name and last name on the Promoter’s Intranet page in the event of a win.

All the data stored on entrants will be deleted no later than 30 days after the end of the prize draw. Entrants’ address data will only be collected in the case of winners and will only be used to send out the winnings. Entrants are entitled to statutory rights to information, modification and withdrawal.

1. Participation in the prize draw is free of charge for entrants.

2. Promotion period: Friday 13th July 2018 ending Friday 20th July 2018

3. The Promoter reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time – including the prize draw period – without prior announcement.

4. The Promoter is entitled to exclude entrants from participation without prior notice if there are compelling reasons to do so.

5. Should any of the terms and conditions be unenforceable now or later, this shall have no effect on the validity of the remaining terms and conditions. Invalid terms and conditions shall be replaced by a suitable individual arrangement that approximates the purpose of the invalid terms and conditions.

6. The legal venue is the court competent for Melbourne, Victoria. Prize draws and terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia.

7. There is no right of appeal. There is no actionable entitlement to payment of winnings.

Date of last revision of terms and conditions: March 2018
® Registered trade mark of BASF