Profit-Manager PRO

First-class information management. More transparency. More efficiency. More profit. Profit-Manager PRO is the ideal management tool for improving your Bodyshop’s performance. It provides first-rate pre-requisites for optimum colour and material management in your Bodyshop. Your company will benefit from it immediately. Profit-Manager PRO will allow you to calculate and control costs precisely, and operating processes will become simpler and faster. The obvious advantage: you’ll save time and money!


Profit-Manager PRO runs stably in a user-friendly manner. It can be combined with simple weighing systems – in conjunction with a PC – just as successfully as with high-performance scales.

We will, of course, also offer you comprehensive support in the selection of the appropriate system components, during the installation in your Bodyshop and for the training of your employees.

Profit-Manager PRO offers all-round convenience as it supports you in all essential areas of your Bodyshop. With its assistance you’ll have your Bodyshop fully under control.

Material Management

  • Management of shop products and associated products
  • Stock inventory management, definition of inventory limits
  • Supplier management
  • Order processing: templates for re-orders etc.
  • Convenient price management

Profit-Manager PRO’s efficient material management features will enable you to avoid holding excessive stocks. Workflows will become simpler. Which adds up to you saving time and money.

Colour Management and Information

  • Colour search (OEM colors)
  • Creation and archiving of mixing formulas
  • Pre-mixing of paint for several repair jobs
  • Easy weighing in of previously mixed colours
  • Custom colours: formulation, care, archiving
  • Technical data sheets regarding processing, drying, safety, etc.

Profit Manager PRO clearly reduces the work and costs for colour search and selection. You save time, achieve excellent colour solutions, and are able to work flexibly.


Efficiency Management

Job costing including associated products, product usage, and the margin.

Repair job management

Evaluations regarding the productivity of the technicians, material consumption, mixing formula use, and stock level costs.