Paint Optimisation Dashboard

Paint Optimisation Dashboard is a cloud based key performance indicator (KPI) visualisation program that helps manage daily activity within the bodyshops’ paint mixing room via Profit Manager Pro.

The program gives a clear visual report utilizing a traffic light system. Your bodyshop results are measured against benchmark efficiencies which can be detailed. The information is tracked per individual painter and individual job.

KPI reports outline the following:

Product Usage Report – Captures all products mixed through the scales and associated costs. This information not only gives an indication of how efficient the individual painter is tracking, but also helps to reduce risk against re-work and highlights painter training needs.

Job Paint Cost Detail – Captures what products have been mixed and allocated to individual jobs and number of panels painted. The report allocates a cost price based on volume of product allocated to mix. The cost price can then be compared to actual mixed costs based on painter accuracy in mixing process. The report also highlights if warrantable paint systems are being utilized.

Mixing Accuracy – Mixing accuracy is crucial to controlling paint costs. This report gives a very clear visual on individual painter performance in relation to correct mixing of product. The report highlights the percentage of paint mixes that were incorrectly mixed against the number of mixes performed.

Mixer Productivity – Captures all jobs allocated to an individual mixer referenced by job number. The report highlights the percentage an individual job mixing cost target was missed by.

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