Glasurit is more than just a paint supplier, we add value to our customers through a range of services specifically designed to assist paint shops to be more productive and profitable.

Advanced Bodyshop Solutions

Because only well organized, well-managed, customer oriented Bodyshops will be successful and prosperous in the future, Glasurit has developed innovative and effective service modules under the name Advanced Bodyshops Solutions.

These modules have been designed for the owners or managers of Bodyshops who are genuinely interested in improving the Bodyshop performance and grow their business. The modules are implemented by the Glasurit Sales organisations together with a team of highly skilled specialists.


Vision360™ is a modular program of professional services specifically tailored to meet the needs of bodyshop owners and managers who want to master their shop’s operations with the goal of dramatically improving the overall performance of their business. Our knowledge and expertise is available to you to help your business be even more successful.

The program encompasses eleven bodyshop operational analyses, corrective measures and coaching programs, supported by seminars for consistency and sustainability.
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Vision360™ Advanced Suite

The Vision360™ Advanced Suite modules focuses on consultation and education, business KPIs, operational improvement packages and system solutions with the goal to achieve industry excellence.

Vision360™ Standard Suite

The Vision360™ Standard Suite modules consist of seven essential operations and facility solutions that promote industry best practices in process, quality and working conditions, which will help you achieve operational excellence.

Profit-Manager Pro

Comprehensive software to support the entire process from finding the mixing formula to weighing in of the material, plus other administrative and financial control functions. More »

Paint Optimisation Dashboard (POD)

Paint Optimisation Dashboard is a cloud based key performance indicator (KPI) visualisation program that helps manage daily activity within the bodyshops’ paint mixing room via Profit Manager Pro.
The program gives a clear visual report utilising a traffic light system. Your bodyshop results are measured against benchmark efficiencies which can be detailed. The information is tracked per individual painter and individual job. Click here to access Paint Optimisation Dashboard

Technical Sales Support

Technical Process Specialists

The Technical Process Specialist provides technical knowledge to help increase productivity by ensuring efficient utilisation of your paint staff as well as efficient use of Glasurit products and processes with commercial realisation.

Technical Sales Representatives

Our Technical Sales Representatives are highly trained and qualified to support Glasurit bodyshops through in-house training, support and communication.

Glasurit Colour Lab

The team of Colourists in our lab produce colour formulations in all Glasurit paint lines which are from vehicle cut-offs or car parts that are sent in to be matched. These colour formulations whilst initially produced for a customer, are also put into our main database system for all customers locally and globally to access.

Technical Hotline

The Glasurit technical customer service team assists bodyshops with technical queries including:
* Colour tools
* Colour formulations
* Colour retrieval program
* Training enquiries
* Product information
* Refinish process application