Bodyshop testimonials

Bodyshop experts that have made the transition to Glasurit’s 90 LINE waterborne system, highlight the positive impact it has had on their staff and business.


Rushcutters Bay, NSW.

Proprietor John Torrisi at Prestige Paint and Panel made the decision to change over to the Glasurit 90 LINE waterborne system. Being concerned with the usage of a solvent based paint, John wanted a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative. The immediate advantages were obvious with odour down to a bare minimum. Torrisi comments that “Not only is the odour problem solved, but we are also well within any current and foreseeable Council regulations. So that has been extremely positive in that regard.”

“It is the paint of the future and if we don’t do it now we would have to do it in 12 months or 2 years when legislation comes in. So we wanted a head start.” John Torrisi, Prestige Paint & Panel.

Having council ease off on them was not the only benefit of the changeover. John’s Manager Martin Chapman comments that the staff have “Little to complain about in terms of odour now, it doesn’t even smell like a Bodyshop anymore.” Prestige Paint and Panel are predominantly a Mercedes Benz repairer – so colour and finish are critical to the business. “Colours so far in 90 LINE have been absolutely spot on with Mercedes,” says Chapman. “We haven’t had one that has caused us a problem yet. 90 LINE also allows the Prestige team to replicate a Mercedes factory finish. Torrisi has found that “It is the closest thing I have seen to factory finish in terms of a proper gloss. It doesn’t look artificial and the metallic in the paint stands up better.” Being one of the first Bodyshops in Sydney to adopt the new technology has been advantageous to Torrisi. “It is the paint of the future and if we don’t do it now we would have to do it in 12 months to 2 years when legislation comes in, so we wanted to get a head start.” With the transition process and training all completed, John is now enjoying all the benefits of the system in his burgeoning business.

“Colours so far in 90 Line have been absolutely spot on with Mercedes. We haven’t had one that has caused a problem yet.” Martin Chapman, Prestige Paint & Panel.


Auckland, NZ.

Gary Waite, Managing Director of Colin Waite Ltd is one of Auckland’s longest standing Bodyshops.
Over 6 months ago Gary fast tracked his decision to change over to the Glasurit 90 LINE waterborne system. Similar to many Bodyshops today, Gary was having issues with Pollution control teams who were investigating complaints from a new building next door. As soon as Gary informed the council that he was moving to a waterborne system and the new products and an extraction system were installed, their complaints and the potential threat to his business dissipated. “The fact that we are in a semi residential area as well meant that it was the responsible thing to do,” says Gary. Gary’s staff were excited about the change and have embraced it wholeheartedly.

“I thought one of my staff was going to sleep in the paint room for a couple of nights because he loved it so much,” jokes Gary. “There was absolutely no resistance from them and they can see that it is better for them to be using the new system.” Gary Waite, Colin Waite.

With over 40 cars a week going through the Bodyshop, Gary needed a seamless changeover with as little down time as possible. “The training was outstanding, that’s what makes Glasurit stand out from their competitors, their training programmes are second to none.” My staff were up to speed pretty much straight away. Now we waste less product and our productivity has improved.

Gary now has plans to start marketing their environmental stance and the fact that they are one of the first to take on the new technology. Additionally he has recently been nominated for a recycling award.


Auckland, NZ.

Stefan Tolich (Director) from Ray Haslar Autohaus saw the potential benefits of moving to a waterborne system over 2½ years ago and became the first Bodyshop in New Zealand to make the move to 90 LINE. He followed this up recently by installing an impressive state of the art tint mixing room to further improve colour mixing systems and reduce the amount of waste in his Bodyshop.

Stefan’s Bodyshop specialises in repairing top of the line brands such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and VW. There is no margin for error or scope for time delays so Stefan needed to ensure that the transition process was seamless. With a growing business and a team of 6 painters and a Bodyshop Manager, Stefan prefers to be very hands on in the business and ensure that quality is paramount.

“90 LINE hasn’t slowed up the shop at all. We have less fry up issues and the change has definitely been for the better.” Stefan Tolich, Ray Haslar Autohaus.

Both the colour matching and the 90 LINE finish have been a positive change for Stefan who finds that, “The finish represents a factory finish so much better than the solvent system.” With all of the approved brands that his company works with using Waterborne technology out of their factories, it makes complete sense to use the same system in the Bodyshop with all the additional environmental benefits that are associated with it.


Melbourne, VIC.

Melbourne’s largest 90 LINE user, Super Finish Prestige Collision Repairs, run a tight operation where profitability and productivity are paramount. With high output levels of cars every week including prestige vehicles, Manager Con Herouvim’s main focus is on productivity and keeping his regular customer base satisfied with the quality of the finish.

Super Finish made the decision to change to 90 LINE over 4 years ago. “It was not a difficult decision to make,” says Con Herouvim, “We knew that it was the way the market was going and we wanted to go early. With factory BMW and Lexus already using waterborne, it made perfect sense.” Con has found that 90 LINE has given them an additional advantage over solvent products with the ability to accurately replicate the factory finishes.

“The Lexus metallic pigment is so much finer because it is waterborne, and 90 LINE helps us to match it perfectly.” Con Herouvim, Super Finish.

With an easy changeover process, and comprehensive product training completed, Con made all of the necessary adjustments to his shop to maximise and enhance the benefits of 90 Line. “90 Line has much better coverage than the other products and the reds are now fantastic because of the E tints,” says Con. The cleaning of the guns and equipment is so much easier and has helped to speed up the whole process. This combined with the factory finish makes our job easier and more efficient all round.”

Making the Change

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