Making the change easy

Making the change to Glasurit 90 Line will be easy. Your Bodyshop and your paint shop staff will be assessed to identify any shortfalls. A Glasurit technician will fine tune your paint shop staff’s application and process related techniques. Your current repair process will not change; all Glasurit primers, clearcoats etc. currently being used are compatible with 90 Line Waterborne technology.

New HVLP Two Sprayguns

The use of a HVLP two spraygun progress (basecoat, clearcoat) is recommended. This will optimise the application process of the waterborne basecoat and eliminate the chance of cross contamination between the solvent and waterborne products.

New Venturi Blower

Hand held Venturi blowers will be introduced into the repair process at a minimum to assist with flash off.
Your compressed air system and spray booth will more than likely be adequate for the use of waterborne technology. A member of the Glasurit team can audit these for you and advise accordingly.

Lower Solvent Usage

The use of waterborne technology will reduce the amount of solvent required for gun cleaning etc. This is not only an OH&S benefit for your employees, but will also assist in reducing disposal costs of waste product solvents.

Separate gun cleaner will be required to clean dedicated waterbase spray equipment. The water used in the initial cleaning of sprayguns can be recycled when used in conjunction wth Glasurit 700-7 coagulating powder which separates your solid water waste from the liquid.

Making the Change

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