What are the benefits?

Colour Reproduction

With over 70% of manufacturers worldwide now using waterborne technology the change is logical. The way in which effect pigment lays down differs from waterborne to solvent. With this in mind Glasurit colour tools are compatible with 90 Line Waterborne, and all manufacturer colours are able to be mixed.

High Solid Content

Waterborne technology has a higher solid content than solvent. This means that mixed colours will cover in fewer coats reducing the amount of basecoat required during the painting process.

No Aggressive Basecoat

The painting of solvent sensitive substrates will be a thing of the past. Touching up of freshly painted substrates and ringups caused by painting over rub throughs in waterborne OEM vehicles is no longer a problem.

OH&S Benefit

The reduction of solvent used in processing of waterborne basecoat and cleaning of equipment reduces your employees’ exposure to potential health risks associated with the use of solvents.

Environmentally Friendly

By lowering your Bodyshop’s carbon footprint and in turn your impact on the environment, waterborne technology allows you to market your Bodyshop in a unique way.

Legislation Ready

The use of waterborne technology will be compliant with any changes in future legislation. By changing early you will not only be seen as an industry leader, but you will receive all the necessary training required to make the transition a success.

Making the Change

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