How Glasurit can help

Industry Based Waterborne Awareness Seminar

A chance for Glasurit Bodyshop Managers to discuss in an open forum with other repairers from the industry the latest information on future legislation requirements together with the features and benefits relating to waterborne technology.

Glasurit’s headache free approach to waterborne makes the transition simple…

Glasurit 90 Line V.I.P Day

Receive in-depth information relating to Glasurit 90 Line Waterborne Technology. All K.P.I’s are measured via a practical demonstration of the product based on a realistic repair type scenario. Bring your painter along to experience a hand’s on demonstration, seeing just how easy it really is.

Bodyshop Demo Audit

Allow Glasurit to demonstrate the 90 Line product within your Bodyshop environment. All K.P.I’s are measured across a range of colours and repairs.

Glasurit Training

Glasurit will educate your paint shop staff in all aspects of the car refinishing process. Painters will learn the most up to date techniques and efficient Glasurit product use. This can be done either onsite or through venue based training. The Glasurit technician will monitor your paint shop staff via a Skills Assessment Program, customising training to fit an individual’s needs.

Making the Change

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