Terms & Conditions

Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program – Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to join the Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program you also agree to continue your commitment towards providing proactive environmental solutions within your business. If after joining this program it is deemed that your business is no longer supporting environmental processes or you change paint providers we retain the right to remove you from the program (no refund) and all signage/adverting must be removed by no later than 30 days from the time of being notified of your suspension from the program.

Without doing a complete emissions audit for each Bodyshop we are unable to completely guarantee that the category level for the solvent emission remaining from the painting process will be completely off set by this program in your Bodyshop. The number of trees in relation to the emission levels categories is an estimate only based on the number of cars repaired per week – your Glasurit Approved Distributor will recommend which category best suits your business size.

You can not register for a lower category if your cars per week are higher than that level. Tree planting by Carbon Neutral Australia is completed under strict guidelines to ensure it is as effective as possible.

  • Sites are prepared to industry best practice standards to promote maximum health, vigor and survival of seedlings. Legal agreements are registered on the title to protect the trees for 100 years. No carbon will be measured or trade from these sites.
  • Species are selected according to soil type, local climate and include a range of native trees, shrubs and understory. In most cases 10-40 different species will be established through either direct seeding and/or planting seedlings. Seedlings are raised for Carbon Neutral by regional accredited nurseries near the planting sites and/or seed collected from near the site.
  • Trees and seed are planted after rainfall in early winter. It may take up to two years from site selection to establish the planting/s.
  • Consideration is given to maximise the environmental outcomes by coordinating sites within the same catchment boundaries. Carbon Neutral works with Land Conservation District Committees, Landcare Officers, Regional Catchment Councils and NRM Officers. Weed and pest control, fire prevention, protection from livestock, monitoring, mapping and infill planting, where appropriate, are all part of a comprehensive site management plan undertaken by Carbon Neutral and its contractors.

This program is intended to be one of the mechanisms used towards better overall environmental practices within your Bodyshop and should not be relied on as a counter measure for poor environmental practices.

For more information on our program partners and the planting process please refer to their website: www.carbonneutral.com.au »