Glasurit 151-170 UV Primer Filler, grey

Glasurit provides a new primer filler for bodyshops that want to repair minor to moderate damage even more efficiently. Called Glasurit 151-170 UV Primer Filler, grey, the new solution helps reduce process times, energy and waste. Thanks to UV-A technology, it is also easier and safer to use.
For bodyshops it is becoming increasingly important to work profitably in this segment, since minor to moderate repairs of car parts s are now among the most common repair jobs. This trend will continue to increase, because new active safety systems in vehicles are preventing more serious damage. Glasurit, BASF’s premium refinish paint brand, has recognised this trend. The paint manufacturer has developed the new primer filler as a solution for repairing bumpers even more efficiently and, at the same time, for protecting plastic substrates from deforming.
UV – ultraviolet and ultra-versatile
For the new primer filler, Glasurit uses UV-A technology. A special lamp transmits long-wave ultraviolet light, referred to as UV-A radiation. This radiation brings about quicker drying than any other heat source commonly used in bodyshops, enabling the primer filler to literally dry at the speed of light. Compared to oven and infrared drying, with the new primer filler and UV-A technology, bodyshops can therefore substantially save energy costs and drying time.
The UV-A technology also offers bodyshops other benefits. Unlike with oven and infrared drying, no heat develops with UV-A radiation. This saves process times, because it eliminates the need for a cooling phase. It also prevents plastic bumpers from becoming deformed during the refinishing process.
The UV-A technology also offers advantages in terms of occupational safety. The UV-A radiation is the least harmful part of ultraviolet light. This makes the technology so safe and easy for bodyshops to use. There is no need for a separate work area in the bodyshop and spray painters do not need to wear protective clothing. It’s enough for them to wear protective glasses and regular protective gloves.
Bodyshops also benefit from other product characteristics. The new UV primer filler is a 1K product without limited pot life. It requires neither hardener nor thinner additives and once it’s in the cup, has a shelf life of several days. This makes it quick and easy to use and also helps prevent waste.
Makes minor and moderate repairs short and easy
For bodyshops, the name Glasurit immediately evokes the image of efficient processes. The new primer filler is another product that bodyshops can use to shorten process times and cut energy costs and waste over time. But no matter how much it helps streamline processes and save costs, bodyshops can be sure that Glasurit 151-170 UV Primer Filler, grey will offer them excellent corrosion protection – even on bare metal – and can be used flexibly for all common substrates. Whether for plastic bumpers or metal fenders, combined with UV-A radiation, the new primer filler is the ideal solution for bodyshops’ most common repair job.