Glasurit EDUCATE apprentices see the passion behind custom restoration.

In June, BASF’s Glasurit EDUCATE apprentices were treated to a guest appearance during their training by Greg ‘Ziggy’ Sadler of Ziggy’s Design Driven at the Glasurit Refinish Competence Centre.
Ziggy is well known in the industry for his unwavering commitment to detail and passion for custom restorations. This passion was mirrored by the apprentices, as they hung onto every word and sat on the edge of their seats.
James Green, Glasurit Trainer had arranged the discussion with Ziggy to the group of apprentices, “it gave them an understanding of what it takes, the passion that it takes, to do restoration work,” said James.

“Most of them think they want to do restoration, I think because of this day some will decide it would be too hard for them, while some you could see were very keen and they may work towards a career in restoration in the future,” he added.
The apprentices were shown Ziggy’s impressive resume of work that he and his passionate team have completed over the years including the “Warhorse” and “Streamliner” which have both been featured in GLOSS magazine previously. Ziggy said there is a great deal to be learnt from progress photos of various builds if you have the desire to learn.
“I think the apprentices would benefit to hear from more people like Ziggy, not so much the type of work, but the type of passion,” said James, “you can’t fake what he was talking about. Seeing the engagement from the apprentices was awesome”.
Ziggy’s passionate message would ring true in any industry, to learn from your peers especially those with more experience and to work hard (in Ziggy’s case above and beyond) in the end he left the students with one final message “apply yourself and give yourself more experience”.
The discussion left the students with a new appreciation and understanding of the hard work and dedication that is required to enter the field of custom restoration. Apprentice, Justin from Silverwater Smash Repairs took full advantage of having time with Ziggy and asked numerous questions about his work. “I was interested in his [Ziggys] line of work, and that is what got me into this industry,” said Justin.