Glasurit is the choice of Australia’s Sheen Group of repairers

Melbourne. Sheen Group use BASF Glasurit 90 LINE waterborne paints across all 23 of their smash repair workshops in Victoria. As an expert smash repair business adhering to high industry standards, Sheen pride themselves on their ability to refinish any vehicle to its former glory. Throughout all workshops, only top quality materials are used in this process. The superiority of BASF’s Glasurit waterborne paints assists in producing the flawless finish that Sheen promises to its customers.

Glasurit Paints are always reliable. These paints play an integral role in providing Sheen’s customers with a finished product they can be 100% satisfied with. For over 10 years, Sheen Group has continued to use Glasurit Paints throughout all 23 workshops, the product being chosen as one they can have confidence in.

According to Lauren Denys from Sheen Group, “Our partnership with BASF is vital to our continued success in providing the highest quality smash repairs to our customers. Glasurit 90 LINE waterborne paints are a global benchmark for automotive paint. Sheen Group is delighted to use Glasurit products by BASF – it is such an outstanding product, that not only does it make Sheen look good – but it keeps our customers coming back time and time again.”

Glasurit is the choice of many repair shops across Australia and globally, with Glasurit’s 90 LINE waterborne system quickly becoming the leading coating of choice amongst OEM’s and Bodyshops for its highly concentrated, quick and efficient coverage – and for its advanced formula aligned to the most stringent VOC standards. It has been designed to be a high performing all round product. The coating has excellent hiding power, is environmentally compatible, fast drying and saves you in time and materials.

It is no wonder that major bodyshops, such as Sheen Group choose Glasurit to drive the success of their business.