21 original colours for BMW 503 and 507 sports cars of the 1950s

Thanks to the close cooperation with BMW, the Glasurit Color Information team has managed to expand its database by 21 rare colours. The original colours for the BMW 503 and 507 models are now available via the Classic Car Colors service website. It goes without saying that for all these colours, Glasurit has also developed mixing formulas so that Glasurit bodyshops can perfectly reproduce the colours with state-of-the-art paint technology.

21 original colours for BMW

In the 1950s, the 503 and 507 were two of the world’s most exclusive sports cars. A mere 412 BMW 503s and 252 BMW 507s were built. With top speeds of 200 kilometers per hour, an exclusive design and a price tag of over 30,000 German marks, the models were luxury vehicles for the rich and famous, among them the King of Belgium and Elvis Presley. Their elegance remains captivating today, which is why the new Z8 has been developed to recapture the spirit of the 507.

With just a click of a mouse, BMW enthusiasts and Glasurit bodyshops anywhere in the world can now call up the mixing formulas for the historic BMW colours at www.glasurit.com and use today’s Glasurit paints to mix the original colour. By adding the 21 colours, Glasurit has taken another step towards its goal of completing the world’s largest colour library which, in addition to the colours used by the leading carmakers today, also contains the original colours of cars from yesteryear.